The Different Stages of Indian Meals

Indian food is becoming a popular food choice among many countries outside of the vicinity of India. Many Americans, still, have limited experience eating Indian food. Many of these people are missing out on delicious food that offers new tastes and entertainment for taste buds in search of adventure. There are some core basic meals that are used for many Indian food restaurants.

Getting Started

The Papadams are essentially large thin crackers that usually start off every Indian meal, prior to any appetizers. They come with multiple flavored dips that all offer something special for your eating palette.


The first official phase of the meal includes appetizers. Unlike American meals, the Indian appetizer consists of delicacies such as Samosas. These come in the shape of a triangle that include other foods inside of them, such as vegetables and potatoes and sometimes minced sautéed chicken or minced sautéed lamb.

Mainstay Meals

Indian food is known for certain staple meals that are featured in almost every Indian restaurant the world over. No style of food is more famous when it comes to Indian cuisine, than the Tandoori chicken. Fortunately, for people that like to stay away from hot and spicy, the Tandoori chicken is cooked in a clay Tandoori oven, which helps give it its unique color and flavor.

  • Another mainstay of Indian cuisine is curry. This is a rich and delicious sauce made of ginger, onion, garlic and tomato that includes many Indian herbs and spices and is one of the most popular base sauce in the world.
  • Biryani is another popular Indian dish that consists of fried rice with vegetables and can sometimes include a side of meat at per the request of the customer.
  • Masala is a mix of various herbs and spices that are used for different flavoring.
  • Korma is rich and creamy sauce that has a tomato base. This dish is not usually very spicy, however it is always a good idea to verify this at whichever restaurant you are eating at.

Usually these meals will come with a generous side of basmati rice and it is highly recommended that one order a delicious bread called Nan. It is common procedure to eat Indian food with one’s hands while using the Nan to help gather bits of food for consumption.

These are only a few of the many enticing options available when eating Indian food. There are also Indian beers such as the Taj Mahal that are brewed to have a flavor that suits Indian cuisine particularly well. The final part of the meal, the desert, can include any variety of delicacies that can appeal to one’s sweet tooth. Indian meals are structured in such a way that enhances one’s dining experience.